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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Cloyd Steiger, I am a retired Homicide Detective with 36 years of experience in the Seattle Police Department. Throughout my career, I dedicated 22 years as a Homicide Detective, delving into the intricate world of murder investigations.  My relentless pursuit of truth and justice has driven me to offer private investigations for those who are in need of TRUTH.

My Experience

I have served as the Chief Criminal Investigator of the Washington State Attorney General’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System, (HITS), which tracks all murders in Washington, Oregon, and Montana, as well as assists local agencies with homicide investigations, including cold case homicides.

I am the former Director of Investigations Consulting for the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, a national group comprised of experts in various aspects of homicide investigations, (such as Investigative, Behavioral, Laboratory, etc.) which helps with cold case murders from all across the United States. (AISOCC.com), as well as the Director of Investigations at the Midwest Cold Case Task Force, assisting in cold case murder investigations in the midwest US. I frequently contribute to Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on Fox Nation and Sirius/XM Radio’s Triumph Channel, (#111).

Featuring Me

In the literary landscape, my experiences and expertise have been highlighted in a number of notable books. One such publication is "Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder" penned by acclaimed author Ann Rule in 2008, and Charles Lachman's "Footsteps in the Snow". I've also ventured into fiction, contributing to William Neal's "Rogue Justice"

Television has equally provided a remarkable platform for me to share my insights and investigative expertise in shows and documentaries like:
- 48 Hours, (CBS) 2012 “Cold as Ice”
- Dead of Night, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: Misfortune Teller
- Footsteps in the Snow (Nancy Glass Productions-Lifetime Movie Network-2014)
- Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, Episode: Senseless in Seattle, (Investigation Discovery Network, ITN Productions-September 2015)
- Real Detective, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: “Vengeance” WAM Productions, February, 2016
- Bloodline Investigations, (CBS Documentary for European Television).
- American Detective, (Investigation Discover Network, Jupiter Entertainment) 2021.

I am also a frequent guest on True Crime podcasts, including Murder, was the Case; Crawlspace Podcast; Missing Maura Murray; House of Mystery; and The Toll podcast, and Hold the Line with Mike Solan.

Several TV stations that Cloyd has been featured in.

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